Waveform, LLC is a Marketing, Public Relations and Comprehensive Internet Brand Management Agency.

The Waveform Team has years of experience in all aspects of the marketing as well as an extensive technical background. We have been building web sites since 1997.

Our offices are located in Birmingham, AL and Eugene, OR. We work for clients nationwide, and internationally.

Please feel free to contact us if we may be of help to you.

Some of Our Services

Web Design

Your web site forms the hub of your internet strategy.

To help create the best site for you, we follow a disciplined design process.

Powerful SEO techniques built-in.
Mobile Friendly.
Monitored for reliability.

Social Media

Social Media should build an interested and engaged audience, not just numbers of "likers".

We can help you choose the right platforms, understand the audience of each, and tailor the messaging to add value to their lives and help you meet your goals.

In Depth Analysis

We know how to make sense of the vast quantity of statistics generated by web sites, social media, and other Internet marketing.

Understanding our audiences.
Understanding the competition.

Applying the conclusions for continuous improvement.

Online Advertising

Online advertising can waste money, or it can be extremely effective.

We measure results.
Use targeted demographics.
Spend carefully.

All to help you get the most from your advertising budget.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.

It's a precious list of people that have asked to hear from you.

They want useful information or offers at the right time, perfectly readable in whatever device they might be using.

We can help you build and manage your list, and prepare emails that will fit your brand and generate response, and be readable on any device.

Traditional Media

Our associates have extensive experience in radio, print, TV and other Traditional Media.

We can create a traditional media plan, or coordinate an existing one with an Internet campaign to make them both more effective.